About us:

Our goal is to share our love and enthusiasm for this city with our customers. We would love to guide you through our favorite spots in the city!

To see and experience Prague through the eyes of a long term expat

We want to share our love and enthusiasm for Prague with you!

We, Dennis and Joshua (two Dutchies), once started giving bicycle tours in beautiful Prague.

We visited as tourists, fell in love with the city and after many visits decided to stay.

Over the years we discovered that there was a need for more personalised and interactive tours, and also, for tours moving slightly out of the city centre. Tours including dinner, daytrips to stunning locations, and tours where you will not just be speed walked along the highlights.

Simply because a city isn’t just a city, it lives and breathes, and has century’s worth of legends, stories and culture.

Thanks to our years of experience with mainly Dutch tourists, we believe we have created the best tours for your city trip to Prague. With our tours, we hope to give you an insider’s view of this truly magical city!

We hope to welcome you soon to take you on a tour of “our” city!

See you soon!

Welcoming regards,
Dennis & Joshua

"The tour was very interesting even though we had been to Prague before!"
- Esther & Martijn
"360 Tours Prague Prague I would recommend to anyone! Thank you for the pleasant day."
- Marcel de Leeuw
"Enthoustic and knowledgeable guide."
- Family Brown
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