Beer Garden Tour (summer tour)

During the Beer Garden Tour we will take you to 3 of the best beer gardens in Prague. You’ll enjoy the summer like a real local!

Duration 3 hours
Starting times 4:00pm
Including 3 special beers and public transport tickets

After a hard day’s work, many of the Prague people go for a relaxing beer (pivo) in one of the many beer gardens scattered through this beer loving city! The beer garden conveys a feeling of warmth, friendliness, and belonging, this is reinforced by shared tables where you can share you’re stories with likeminded beer lovers!

The Prague beer gardens have fantastic locations within beautiful parks, or are situated along the river.

During this Beer garden tour we’ll show you three of the top beer gardens in Prague (Top three as defined after long and intensive research by our guides) At each of the beer gardens we’ll provide you with one of many Czech special beers (included in the price).

The beer gardens in this tours are ones you most likely won’t find as tourist, thus giving you a true bohemian experience. Besides being accompanied by one of our experienced guides, public transport tickets are included in this tour.

Please be aware this tour is only available between April and September and cannot be booked outside of this period.

  • Walking through the old town

  • Three delicious special beers

  • A taste of Bohemian culture

  • Visit three top beer gardens

  • Panoramic view of Prague

  • An unforgettable evening in Prague

€ 45 p.p.
"360 Tours Prague Prague I would recommend to anyone! Thank you for the pleasant day."
- Marcel
"The tour was very interesting even though we had been to Prague before!"
- Esther & Martijn
"The tour is highly recommended."
- Family Timmers