Prague nightlife Tour

Move to the beat of Prague’s vibrant nightlife without paying too much for drinks and entry fees!

Duration 3 hours
Starting times 20:00pm
Including a beer or wine

On this tour we will show you Prague nightlife after the sun goes down and during the hops in between locations, our guide will quench your thirst for knowledge by telling you all about Prague!

We start at 8pm in a traditional Czech Pivovar (beer cellar) to give you a taste of Czech culture. After this local tradition, we continue our way to one of the better trendy Cocktail bars, which have added a lot of international flavour to the Prague nightlife. Did you know that Prague has one of the top 10 cocktail bars in the world?

While you sip on your cocktails, our guide will ask if you feel like a hip club, or if you’d rather relive your memories in a popular eighties bar-disco. Our guide will accompany you to your last stop and let you party on until the sun comes up!

  • Czech Beer cellars

  • Trendy Cocktail bars

  • Clubs

  • Eighties bar

  • Suitable for different tastes

€ 25 p.p.
"360 Tours Prague Prague I would recommend to anyone! Thank you for the pleasant day."
- Marcel
"The tour was very interesting even though we had been to Prague before!"
- Esther & Martijn
"The tour is highly recommended."
- Family Timmers